Big Boss 4 Telugu Public Polling | Votes | Results

Big boss 4 is the fourth season of the Telugu version of the Indian reality TV show. This show premiered on 6 September 2020 on star maa and disney+hotstar with Akkineni Nagarjuna continuing as the host for the second time. A total of 16 contestants going to stay for 100 days. For instance, Every housemate should nominate two other co-participants. Moreover, The person who received most number of vote from housemates will be nominated for public poll. Also follow star maa Biggboss telugu voting and missed call numbers to send your voting. Therefore, We have conducted Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Public Polling | Online Voting, You can also see the results below.

Big Boss 4 Telugu Public Polling And Prediction for Finalist:

Constants List:

Abhijeetfilm actorday 1
Akhilfilm actorday 1
AriyanaTV presenterday 1
Avinashfilm actorday 11
Divifilm actressday 1
Gangavvasocial media fameday 1Day 35Eliminated
Harrikasocial media fameday 1
Kumarfilm actorday 7Day43Eliminated
LasyaTV anchorday 1
Mehaboobsocial media influencerday 1
Monalfilm actressday 1
Noelsingerday 1
Rajashekardance choreographerday 1
Sohelfilm actorday 1
SujathaTV anchorday 1day 36Eliminated
Swathifilm actressday 19day 32Eliminated
DeviTV anchorday 1day 21Eliminated
Kalyanifilm actressday 1day 13Eliminated
Suryadirectorday 1day 7Eliminated
Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Public Polling

Everyone in the Big Boss house plays very well. Firstly they are funny and Secondly, everyone becomes the strongest contestant. Thirdly every episode is delivering very attractive content. In conclusion, we are updating the results every day about the nominated contestants. This polling is mostly done by the public, not at all connected to big boss voting by Hotstar.

Big Boss 4 Telugu | In House Contestants | Eliminated Contestants: