Gangavva Eliminated!!

Milkuru gangavva was born on 1961 and she was aged 58. She worked as a farm worker, before becoming popular in you tube. she belongs to Telangana. Gangavva is a popular Indian YouTuber, and she makes videos in Telugu language. She lost her parents at a very young age, and her grandparents fixed her marriage with a village boy. It happened she was only five years old. She faced home violence, and her husband was a huge alcoholic. This article is about Gangavva Elimination. So I have researched and have written about elimination of gangavva. You may not find this article around the web.

Elimination of Gangavva ; –

she was going to be eliminate this day because she is facing some health problem. And she pleased to big boss many to send her out because that climate is not sutable for her in the big boss house. However Gangavva enjoys a good number of fans. She is the eldest contestant in the BB house and the host Nagarjuna often appreciates Gangavva and encourages her to play better. The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 had avinash and gangavva making some shocking revelations about their personal lives. While Avinash shared how he had suicidal thoughts during lockdown, Gangavva spoke about her ‘alcoholic and abusive’ son and late daughter.

In the 12th episode of big boss , big boss called gangavva into the confession room. Bigboss asked what happened she said that she had faced some struggle in her life. She said that every one in the house talking good and care care of her . But she is unable to stay in big boss house anymore because of her legs and joint pains. Bigboss comforted her and claimed that the doctor will come and take care of her. He also encouraged her to be strong.

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