nagarjuna is going to construct a new house for gangavva

Biography :-

Milkuru gangavva was born on 1961 and she was aged 58. She worked as a farm worker, before becoming popular in you tube. she belongs to Telangana. Gangavva is a popular Indian YouTuber, and she makes videos in Telugu language. She lost her parents at a very young age, and her grandparents fixed her marriage with a village boy. It happened she was only five years old. She faced home violence, and her husband was a huge alcoholic. This article is about nagarjuna is going to construct a new house for gangavva.

Eviction of gangavva:-

On saturday night’s episode nagarjuna announced that gangavva is leaving the house due to health issue. Big boss also gave her permission to leave the house. A few days ago, she feels sick and requested big boss to let her leave the house. But, they haven’t sent her home and the reasons are best known to them. But at this time by seeing the health reports of gangavva big boss permitted her to leave the house. Gangavva had voluntarily exited the house owing to her ill-health. she performed beautifully in the big boss house. Nagarjuna had proved her medical studies to the viewers and appealed to big boss to send her again to her village as per her request. earlier than leaving, gangavva touched the ground of the house as a mark of player and hugged the housemates. It was one touching as every one broke into tears on the separation. Nagarjuna referred to as gangavva “a strong and amazing lady, a huge inspiration of many”.

Nag Assures To Construct House For Gangavva:-

However, nagarjuna fulfilled gangavva’s dream of building a new house, soon after returning from big boss house. nagarjuna promised that gangavva can go yobog boss house if there is any need. As now gangavva lives in a dilapidated house in her village in lambadipally in jagital . gangavva what do you want?? king nagarjuna said that it is his responsibility to build her house. And he also said that you can even lock the house after it was built. There is no need to tie the rope now. nagarjuna promised gangavva as a witness of 3cr people who are watching the live. the housemates and audience who are present at the show gave him a round of applause. nagarjuna promising a new house with millions of spectarios as a witness, it seems certain that gangavva will move into a new home very soon.

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