Rahul Sipliganj interview with Gangavva!! Check below..

Fans and spectators alike know that Gangava’s exit from Bigg Boss house due to ill health has caused some frustration. However, Bigboss had to send Gangava out of the house under unavoidable circumstances. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner Rahul interview’s Gangava who came out of the house. This article was about Rahul interview’s with gangavva. You may not find this Rahul interview’s gangavva article around the web. What Gangava revealed in that interview is…

Rahul interview with gangavva:-

Rahul Sipliganj interview with Gangavva happened and here we will see what re the opinons.

Gangavva about Avinash makes comedy a lot:-

In the rapid round with Gangavva, in this round rahul sipliganj asked some questions to gangavva, He gives two options to every question. Rahul Sipliganj explained to Gangava that she should give a true answer. At home Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar are the two who laugh the most? To the question, gangavva truly answered that avinash makes more laugh than amma rajasekhar, she also said that amma rajashekar lives in the house till end of the show.

Affair of monal and akhil:-

when rahul siplihanj asked the question to gangavva.In big boss house who is the best couple?. she undoubtedly answered that akhil and monal are the best couple and she also said that monal always quarrels with both abhijeeth and akhil in the big boss house. Gangavva mostly likes akhil in the bigboss house, because he respect elders and others.

Gangavva likes akhil:-

when rahul siplihanj asked gangavva. In the big boss house who do you like more, akhil or divi?, gangavva said that i like akhil more, than divi . “I want dont want to live with divi” said gangavva because akhil took more care towards gangavva than any other person in the house.

Akhil is not honest:-

when rahul asked gangavva.who is honest in the bigboss house, akhil or kumar sai ?, she said that akhil wasnot honest in the house and kumar sai was very honest because he plays game very honesty. then rahul said that I did’nt expect this answer from you than gangavva said that “If i tell akhil is very honest due to he pressed my legs, then the audience who are watching this show they will think I am wrong”. so kumar sai seems very honest.

Sohail was very angry:-

when Rahul Sipliganj asked who behaves more angry in the house sohail or mehaoob? Then gangavva said that sohail behaves more angry in the house than mehboob, “when he was angry his veins appear out side” said gangavva. And she also said that” mehboob plays game very well and nagarjuna also said to sohail to decrease his angry. I hope he will not repeat from this week again”.

Harika is waste in the house:-

when rahul asked gangavva, who is not eligible in the house? Then gangavva replied Harika with suspicion. when rahul asks gangavva to say what is on your mind. then she undoubtedly said harika, because she is very angry and she does not meet with any one in the house. she is in her world, and she only talks closely with abhijeeth.

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