Who will get eliminated this week from Bigboss 4 Telugu house?

Big Boss 4 telugu show started with great hype as the nagarjuna is hosting this season again. His anchoring was a huge hit for Big Boss season 3 Telegu.As the weeks are increasing for housemates, the tension in the public is increasing. So, there is a question remaining for every bigboss fan, that is Who will be eliminated this week from Bigboss 4?

Who will get eliminated this week

Well, We have a voting system in our website and as per our voting results, Amma Rajashekar will be get eliminated this week. As he is the one with least votes from public. He is the most entertainer and very hard working contestant, yet public got attracted to young contestants like Abhijeet and Akhil. 2 weeks back Amma Rajashekar had sacrificed his hair to get himself safe, But that doesn’t last long.

Amma Rajashekar Big Boss 4

In this season, All unexpected eliminations are happening. Divi is the strongest fan based contestant, But she got eliminated, Likewise Amma can be saved. Lets hope for the best to happen in the big boss 4 telugu house.

Watch the Public Voting Results of Big Boss 4 Telugu Here.

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