“Unlock 5.0”- Reopening of movie theatres with precautionary steps

EFFECT OF COVID19 ON INDIAN CINEMA: – Some fresh and exciting news from the Indian government about the Reopening of movie theatres after this dangerous pandemic situation getting better. This pandemic has caused a great fear to each and every sector including the great refreshment of our Indian culture – the Indian cinema industry.

As a result every small and big movies of the Indian cinema stopped and became a great threat to the daily labour like technicians and background workers. And this made our Indian economy down to a great extent which resulted in down fall of economy.

Measures by the government:– Government has taken several preventive steps. It has stopped a little we can say.All over the world several preventive measures like social distancing,mask wearing and sanitization helps a lot upto certain extent.

A lot of discussions and permissions happened by the government. And our most loved Indian cinema is going to hit the big screens back very soon. As a result some high precautionary measures are about to happen with the release of Big screens.

This pandemic caused the normal people having no joy and fun. Movie makers started thinking of releasing their movies in Online platforms(OTT) like in Amazon Prime, Aha etc. The recent Super Hit of Nani’s “V‘ movie in OTT is an example of this. And Raj Tharun’s “Orey bujjiga” released on Oct 1st,2020. Followed by our Lady superstar Anushka’sNishabdham“sets its release on Oct 2nd,2020.So to stop this and in order to bring our great Indian cinema back, government finally given the green signal for the big screens but with some high end measures as given below.

These are the 8 must followed guidelines by movie theatre officials given by the government :-

  • The temperature check will be a new normal before entering the theatre.
  • Adjacent seats will be unoccupied to maintain social distancing.
  • Making the seat availability only upto 50% to avoid huge gathering.
  • Masks are must to enter the cinema hall.
  • Before entering, one should get installed the Arogya setu app in their mobiles.
  • Every purchase while booking the tickets and snacks will be made contactless.
  • Provision of sanitizer machines will be at the entrance of every theatre
  • Sanitization after each and every show will be done

In Conclusion For Reopening of movie theatres

This marks the gradual opening of the economy due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While open theatres will start from October 17, as per the latest update given by the government which is a very good news for all the movie associates and movie lovers. So, finally, this Reopening of movie theatres is some very exciting sign to get a relief from the most pandemic COVID. So let’s hope for the best and if everything goes fine, we all will be back with the greatest entertainment very soon.

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