6 Best SEO techniques for Indian websites in 2020

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Today i am gonna let you know about Best SEO techniques ever.Do you ever think why Indian websites are not getting enough traffic as foreign websites!!!

Well! Here’s the reason, Indians always try to get traffic in short ways like Indians cannot wait for the long term to get SEO ranking.

If you have an Indian and wanted to get the best SEO ranking than read this article about “Best SEO techniques for Indian websites in 2019”.I am going to explain in a very and simple way so that you won’t get frustrated while reading.

Follow these below 5 steps and your website will be on the 1st page of google and SEO rank will rise forever.

6 Best SEO techniques:

  1. Click-through Rate and Landing page time
  2. Featured snippet on google
  3.  More quality content
  4. Optimising the content for mobile
  5. Video content
  6. Backlinks

Click through Rate and Landing page time:

Best SEO techniques

Why you need it?

Google released a new update(Rankbrain) in 2019, saying that they are ranking the content based on Click-through rate and Landing page time. So 60% of SEO rank profit is here.

What is it?

The main purpose of this category is our website should get lots of clicks from google search and the users should on the page for more than 1 min.

How to do it?

To get this done all you have to do is to write impressive blog post titles and attractive content with infographics and videos.

A featured snippet on google:

Best SEO techniques

Why you need it?

People will look for short answers and these short answers will be shown as snippets.If we can get at least one snippet from our website then we will be getting lakhs of traffic. Trust me guys this will definitely affect SEO without any doubt.

What is it?

A short description in 3 to 4 lines will be shown as a result for a search. As shown below people will short answers for their searches.

How can we do this?

We can get snippets if our content is in list format with H2 & H3 headings. And also for table contents snippets will be taken out by Google. There is also a simple way to get snippets so easily, here’s how – write a page with questions and answers ( 3 to 4 lines).

More quality and quantity content:

Best SEO techniques

Why you need it?

The more quality content we have on our website the higher rank we get on the google search as simple as that. The quality of the content should be great.

What is it?

In blog posts and on any other pages of our website there should be more content.

How can we do this?

Write articles on the website with more than 1000 words in the post. For other pages on the website we should write quality content with more relevant keywords.

Optimizing the content for mobile:

Best SEO techniques

Why should we optimize content for mobile?

I don’t have to explain about mobile importance these days. Almost among every 10 searches in google 9 searches are from mobile devices. If our website content is optimized for mobile index than we can rank higher in SEO.

What is the mobile content index?

The web page should be equal in all aspects. Mobile loading speed should be equal to desktop loading speed and mobile content should not be compressed.

How to do it?

Convert your website type into mobile friendly and make sure to increase the loading speed on mobile. If we can do these to steps than the mobile index is successful.

Video content – One of the Best SEO techniques :

Video Content

Why video content effects SEO?

If we have videos in our website users will stay for a longer time and that will affect the rank brain which I meant in the first step of this post. So video content will be playing a significant role.

What is video content?

In the middle of a post if we insert a video people understand the meaning so easily. These videos will be transcript-ed by Google in the future.

How to do it?

We can upload our videos (or) youtube videos that can be uploaded.

Back Links – Best SEO techniques:


Why we need backlinks?

If we have more backlinks, Google will understand that our content is more valuable and it will give some percentage of share in SEO ranking. Remember those backlinks should be related to the niche of our website (Ex: Our website is Food blog and the backlinks should be in another food blog)

What are backlinks?

Let’s say the BBC used our website link in its website for reference. That link presented on the BBC website is called as “Backlink”.

How to do it?

To get quality backlinks our content should be excellent or we can buy backlinks at some third party websites.

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